Join the movement to beautify NY!

Our Vision

WELCOME to Blossom NY!

 Let’s transform New York City with flowers.


Just plant a flower in your space or outside.

If every New Yorker put just one flower in one window

the whole city would blossom and so would our spirits.

 IT’S SO EASY – and we can help you get started.

The push starts Memorial Day weekend and continues all summer long.

Spread the word to your neighbors and friends and watch the city BLOSSOM.

Let’s do this!



 This website is a place to learn the basics;

how to plant, where to get stuff, how to care for your flowers

and how to become part of the social community.


Why do this?

Why take action and plant flowers?

It’s a visible reminder that we care.

New Yorkers spend a lot of time walking

(2 to 5 miles per day).

What if you forgot about your phone for minute? What if you wanted to look up instead of down?

What if flowers were everywhere?

No outdoor window ledge? Plant something for the indoor windowsill (even if it’s hidden).

No green thumb? Maybe this is the year that will change.

Heck, fake flowers will work!

Just be part of it.

Beautify New York and make it ecologically aesthetic.

Grow flowers. Grow Kindness. Grow connection.


What you should know

Who is blossom NY?