Get Started

Here's How:

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Here's how to plant if you haven't yet: 

1). First of all choose your window.

Some of you already have window boxes available and empty. We see this so often walking around the city! Or some of of you have full balconies or Juliet balconies. You guys are the ones who could start this transformation rolling, instantly.

Those of you with a flower box or balcony, your job is easy. Planting instructions are below.

For the rest of us without already made boxes or spaces, we can get creative. Don’t forget there is always someone you know who has done this and will be more than happy to help. I promise. Remember you can even use that window behind the radiator. Or put your flower box on the radiator. After all, it’s summer!

2). Get your stuff.

Potting soil, a pot and flowers are at Home Depot, Kmart, green market or local nursery.  Even dollar stores carry soil and containers. Here are some suggestions in NYC for all these things:

Foliage Paradise 
Plant Works 
Kings County Nurseries
Green Fingers Market
Urban Garden Center

Plus all the little places near you that are tucked away.

A good place to buy flowers is at one of the many green markets in the city (a great one is Union Square Green Market open Monday, Wednesday Friday and Saturday). Our friends at Grow NYC have a whole list of green markets here that are full of those colorful flowers, plants and herbs.

Which flowers to get? The hardiest flowers to plant are:



And man are they beautiful and echo the feel of sunny Tuscan windows and Parisian streets.  If you are adventurous there are many varieties that you can peruse at the local green market.  You can ask the vendor which plant is best for your window; depending on where you window faces and when the sun hits.

3). Setting up - safety first!

First and foremost if you are putting you flower box outside, make sure it is on a safe window ledge (it’s illegal to use the fire escape, sorry). Be doubly safe if you are overtop the street— secure your window box with a bit of wiring or clamps.  Be smart and safe with your flower box!!

Try some of these incredibly inexpensive ideas for how to secure your window box:

Adjustable flower boxes

Panacea Deck Flower Box Holder

If all else fails and you feel unsure, put the flower box on the inside of your window. Any effort counts.

Okay, now that you’ve decided where this little garden will best grow and you have all your supplies, it’s time to plant.

4). Start planting.

Here is a simple guide for HOW TO PLANT that everyone, even a child can follow. My dad taught me this recipe for planting and it works every time.

  • Fill your pot or flower box with nice potting soil (make sure there are holes in the bottom of your container. )
  • Saturate the dirt with water, to make mud. Take your flower out of the little container it comes in and plunge it into the fertile mixture.
  • Cover the roots with dirt until your pot or box is almost to the top, with beautiful colors rising up, with nice, dark soil.
  • Add enough water to make mud again.
  • Your plants are now at home.


It's simple right? If you still have questions email us at